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Application of the CEFFOR® Scenarios into company strategies

Fecha de publicación: 02/02/2010

The principal activity of CEFFOR® during 2009 was the process of applying the scenarios developed in the Furniture Foresight Centre CEFFOR® into the strategies of the Valencian furniture companies in a practical way in accordance with the following objectives:

o         To make the companies understand the necessity of changing their business model of growth.

o         To apply the methodology of CEFFOR® in real company cases (management innovation).

o         To discuss the individual and common actions of the actors of the furniture sector that can be undertaken in the re-design of the business model for the furniture sector.

o         To disseminate and transmit the advantages of the strategy innovation (management innovation) and its impact in the sustainability of the wood and furniture sectors of the Valencian Community supported by company case studies.

For obtaining the first objective, the researchers of CEFFOR®   have been working nearly with 30 Valencian furniture companies that accepted the challenge to face their actual situation and problems, during May, June and July of 2009. 

Working groups of CEFFOR® (experts of AIDIMA) together with the managing teams of Valencian furniture companies had more than 70 meeting sessions   during these three months. In these meetings there were used different classes of information about the actual situation of the furniture sector obtained through the system of the Furniture Market Observatory of AIDIMA, information of the possible future scenarios obtained through former CEFFOR® activities, and other information such as the behaviour of consumers, actual situation of the distribution, and social trends. All the information was used with the aim of debating about the necessity of a change in the business model of the companies and about the way of how to take the first steps towards this change.

On the other hand in some of the company cases the aim was to obtain a very detailed vision to change the business model. In these companies the real change of business model will be entered, and these cases are the reference cases for the sector. In case of these enterprises in the meetings besides the managing team of the companies and the technical team of AIDIMA, an external creative team was also participating.

For being able to define the most sustainable business models, there were contacted international experts in different business model aspects.

To face the scenarios defined by the Furniture Foresight Centre during 2008, some of the sustainable business models could be identified by the collaboration of experts by the end of 2009.

In the next work phase in the upcoming 2010, there will be a meeting organized together with all the participating companies that will be organized in different groups of discussion to debate about the different topics derived from the initial analysis. In this meeting there will be presented the Council of Industry, Innovation and Commerce, and the extracted conclusions will be used for defining an industrial policy that facilitates the implication of the business strategies.














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